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Mark Zdeblick
Member of the Board

Mark Zdeblick is an electrical engineer deeply specialized in the development and application of nanotechnologies, particularly in medical devices. After several years of developing technologies in the aerospace and medical fields, in 1987, Mark founded Redwood Microsystems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of micro-fabricated valves and electro-fluidic integrated circuits. Since then he has also served as a Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University. He has developed micro-fabricated chemical analyzers for in situ oceanographic measurements, optical switch technology, and pressure sensors for in vivo measurement of blood flow rate in coronary arteries for developing companies in which he has also served in management roles. Presently Mark serves as Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Proteus Biomedical in Silicon Valley, a developer of MEMS-enabled medical devices applied to Cardiology.

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