Our Mission:

To improve access to essential drugs, basic healthcare, and prevention services for children and families in the developing world using business models that maintain standards, are geometrically scalable, and achieve economies of scale.

Code of Ethics
  1. We are focused exclusively on our mission and don't pursue anything that does not serve it.

  2. To ensure that we are efficient, effective, and financially responsible, we test our actions and measure our success by how well we achieve specific goals central to our mission and not by how well we raise funds or build our public image.

  3. To ensure that our patients come first, we subordinate our own organizational and personal interests to the interests and well being of the patients we serve.

  4. We strictly adhere to the principles of integrity and trust, always respecting longstanding principles of sound governance by an actively engaged board of directors.

  5. We believe that resources needed to achieve our mission are abundant; we work with partners and share what we know in common cause with others pursuing the same mission.

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