How You Can Help


Approximately 17,000 children under the age of five die every day. Many of these children die because they lack access to medicine that costs less than a cup of coffee.

Through a franchise network of 63 CFW clinics in Kenya, HealthStore saves thousands of children and their families each year from needless suffering and death

and it costs us less than $2 per patient to do so.

But we’re only getting started.  HealthStore is poised to grow its network to hundreds of clinics in East Africa and to launch more CFW clinic networks throughout Africa.

It will take thousands of people working together to deliver life-saving medicine to tens of millions of the world’s poor. 

Here are some ways you can help:


      $10 pays for 5 children to have access to care

      $50 pays for 25 children to have access to care

      $100 pays for 50 children to have access to care

      $1,000 pays for 500 children

      $5,000 enables us to lend a nurse the money she needs to open her own
       franchised medical clinic 


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